Indian Ocean

We put our feet in it. It was warm.

No photo, sorry.

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Painless Tattooing (and non permanent)

Look at Jayne’s nice hand adorned with a henna tattoo, done by a lovely young woman with a very steady hand.


Our artist at work


In progress



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Chaos, exotic madness, and crumbling beauty. We were not 3 seconds (seriously!) out of the shuttle that men were in our grille trying to sell us their stuff/tours/”guiding” services. With the extreme heat and noise, this did not make for happy Canucks. But we will both do The Jayne Look, and we’ll see how fast they run away.

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Today was all about the Ngorongoro Crater. Before breakfast, we had seen hyenas, hyenas babies, lions, and the endangered black rhino (3 of the them, thank you very much). The crater also offered the wildly entertaining Wildebeasts and their incessant drama, zebras, buffalos, gazelles, birds of all kinds and colours. Some people think that the crater is the place where elephants go to die, but the true story is not as dramatic. Older elephants go there to eat the soft marshy grass once they are down to their last set of teeth. The elephant graveyard is just a myth. Although we did see the skull of a tembo (elephant in Swahili).

Today was our last day of safari, and we returned dusty and disgusting to civilization.  Tomorrow, we leave for Zanzibar, for an entirely different African adventure. There will be shopping 🙂


Breakfast boxes, we will miss you!



Wildebeast checking out our ride


Hyenas in the grass...far away


Ngorongoro crater, in all its glory

good photos showing actual details will be forthcoming, as they reside on Jayne’s camera. The ones here are from Nat’s tablet, and they are humble. But good enough for now!

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Animal We Have Seen So Far – Update

Marabout Stork
Cheetah (in a tree), need to repeat because cheetah in a tree is special
Agama lizard
Kori buster

Our big cats count is:

26 lions
2 cheetahs
2.5 leopards (one was really hard to see 🙂

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