Wildebeast Soap Opera and More

Who knew Wilderbeasts life was so rich in drama?! Males have a group of females and calves, with groups being fluid and changing. Males come and steal females, or females just up and leave. One way that males steal from one another is by charging through a group, dispersing the group, then rounding up a new batch of females for his own group. Ha! If a male gets too frisky with a lady, she just might get up and go look for another group! In the time that we watched, we saw a large group dwindle down to half a dozen females!

In addition observing As the Wildebeast Turns, we also got to see lion cubs. CUBS! We found several cubs with their moms learning to climb trees. Cute overload!

We got to spot (har har) another Cheetah. This one was in a tree, which is not something they often do. She was posing so Jayne could take 97 shots of her. And each one is precious!

Our camp du jour was a mobile camp, in Central Serengeti. It’s the kind of place where they fill a bucket of hot water for you to shower, have to put the chairs away at night so the hyenas don’t steal them. And they fill with hot water your outdoor canvas washbasin, so you can wash your face in the morning. It was amazing!


This is camping!


Cheetah's dangling tail


Lion couple lounging in the shade

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