Masai! Spider! Drama!

Since our last broadcast, we have had a lot of adventures.

While going back to our tent, there was a baboon on the trail, and he didn’t seem in a hurry to make way for us. Jayne being ever camera-ready, she took a few pictures of this funny occurence, while I was wondering if we should get ready for a fight. They have a bad rep here as thieves and thugs. Later that same night, Jayne found a huge, and I mean huge spider on the ceiling of our tent. That thing was massive! We had nothing to kill the thing, so we finally had to use the Masai protection! While Jayne spotted the spider, I ran up the trail (which is totally forbidden because it’s dangerous) and started yelling MASAI, MASAI! After a few minutes, a small light appeared in the night, and this 6 foot-something Masai comes running. I try to explain The Spider Situation, but he doesn’t understand. So we go back togetber, him walking fast, me running to keep up, and get to the tent. When we both point the monstrous spider on the ceiling, the dude doesn’t even react. He just flicks the thing off the ten foot ceiling with his spear and steps on kt. Spider marmalade, ewwwww. Without a word, he goes back to his post somewhere and we can go to sleep. I have to say, it was prettu awesome to see this Masai come charging out of the night, spear in hand!

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2 Responses to Masai! Spider! Drama!

  1. Anne F. says:

    I can’t believe that you did not take a photo of the spider! Where was your national geographic moment? Awesome pics of the animals, looks like we will need several lunch presentations. I think you could probably charge admission and make some cash for the next trip.
    Have an awesome week.

    A, keeper of the domestic wildecats.

  2. Yaz says:

    I got goosebumps just reading this 0_0

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