From the Plains to the Caldera

Jayne asked a reasonable question, which was do different types of gazelles mate, which led to Nat wanting to know if zebras could mate with warthogs, and if this would result in black and white bacon. Apparently not.

Speaking of zebras, we had the amazing experience of watching herds of zebra drinking from a river. The fun part is that they are nervous coming to a watering hole, so every time the resident hippo flicked his Shrek ears, it was a blur of black and white heading for safety.

We have had so much luck seeing animals, that our guide is getting cocky and asking for requests. Jayne asked for leopard cubs before noon, and didn’t he find one sleeping in a tree. And yes, it was before noon! Nat wants to see an embarrassement of hyenas and he has promised that for tomorrow, in the Ngorongoro Crater, wich we are overlooking right now from our lodge.

Oh, and coming to our percb at 2000 ft (the rim of thecrater), the roadis narrow, twisty, broken, curvy, slippery, scary a bit, and very, very long. The fear lasts a long time…


Zebra bar


Our ride at the pit stop, as we say goodbuy to the Serengeti


The end of the Serengeti


The Ngorongoro Crater, at dusk

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