Masai Are So Cool (and kind of scary)

You know you’re in the depths of Africa when:

– the camp forbids you from going out alone (because you need to call the reception first on a two-way radio…or flash the lights for a Masai to appear out of nowhere)
– they confiscate your snacks and lock them up at night so you won’t have visitors of the furry kind clawing at your tent
– a Masai needs to escort you from the dining hall to your cabin
– there was no lion roaring in the night or elephant rubbing their butt against your tent pole, despite promises from the owner
– this disappoints you because all you saw was a salamander

On a funny note, we were having supper tonight, and when it was time to leave, it was dark so we knew there would be a Masai waiting to escort us back to our cabin. Jayne said they were probably waiting outside by the door and we both laughed. And when we stepped out and looked left to right, seeing no one, I thought, oh, they must be busy with others. But then this young man steps out of the shadow not 20 feet away and makes me jump two feet high. Only in Africa would a smiling young man armed with a staff and a foot long knife come out of the shadow and our reaction be “oh, cool, there’s our protector!”

Masai are so cool.

— Nat

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2 Responses to Masai Are So Cool (and kind of scary)

  1. Anonymous says:


    My jealousy keeps swelling. Well you wouldn’t believe what happened at the office today…nothing. Exactly nothing new happened.

  2. I think I have a bit of a crush on the Masai. – Nat

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