Day Two!

The African safari goodness never ends. Today, we were treated to herds of elephants so close to the road, we could have gotten out, taken a couple of steps and be trampled to death. There were moms and babies and macho young bulls, most of them covered in a thick layer of mud to protect them from the bugs and heat.

Giraffes were also close but we made them nervous, and they galloped away, which is very elegant to watch.

There was a pile of banded mongoose on the road, them we did not scare because they all popped up to look at us.

Vervet monkeys, a.k.a. Blue Balls (you look it up!), are so cute and cuddly, we wish they would come in the truck.

Nat got bitten by a dozen tse tse flies. You know the kind with the sleeping sickness…our guide assures us they are not the same type. But she has killed a good number of them, so we’re equal.

And finally, coming to another gorgeous place to sleep. More adventure tomorrow. But for now we’re sitting on our own porch, looking down over a coffee plantation and banana trees. Just lovely.



Waking up at Oliver's Camp, with hot chocolate in bed



Our digs on day two

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