Nat’s Packing List (or, Let Me Show You my Obsessive Side)

Woman travel two women aviation vintage shutterstock_99451193Nat’s packing list, each bundle in its own drybag and packing cube. Colour coded, thank you very much!

Clothes (blue packing cube)

  • cargo pants (one gray, one tan)
  • yoga pants (for evening wear and travel days)
  • long sleeved shirts, one gray, one orange (thin, quick-dry cotton)
  • 2 t-shirts (one gray, one green)
  • 3 pairs of undies, 2 bras (I’ll be doing laundry every night using the Ziplock Method…fill bag with water, add enviro-friendly soap, drop in dirty garment, seal then shake, shake, shake)
  • 3 pairs of socks (one light, one thick, one sports)
  • two pairs of shoes (one hiking shoes, one sturdy sandals)
  • one sun hat
  • 3 tank tops (used as undershirts and pyjamas)
  • one shawl/pashmina (purple! Need some colour to go with all that neutral)
  • one bathing suit
  • roof tiles (just making sure you were paying attention)

Logistics/meds (red drybag)

  • med kit
  • neck pillow, earbuds, ear plugs
  • toiletteries (very little of it because I’ll use the tent/lodge kits…if they don’t have them, then I’ll just reek, that’s all…sorry Jayne!)
  • stuff against bugs…lots of stuff against bugs (DEET, teatree oil, flame thrower, pulse cannon, all that)
  • travel towel (folds the size of a deck of playing cards, I kid you not!)
  • spf 1,000,000 suncream

Tech stuff (blue drybag)

  • Small tablet
  • Mini bluetooth keyboard (a.k.a. O-Exalted-Marvel-of-Perfection)
  • Point-and-shoot camera
  • mini flashlight (as in, smaller than a wallut and shaped like a goldfish…funny reference eh? They say it’s not waterproof, but mine have been in the washing machine half a dozen times and still work…AWESOME lights, I tell you)
  • forehead flashlight (curtesy of a friend…thanks A!)
  • accompanying chargers


Only 4 sleeps left. So excited.

— Nat

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2 Responses to Nat’s Packing List (or, Let Me Show You my Obsessive Side)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Roof tiles?!

  2. Ahh, you were paying attention! Well played 🙂

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