Mine is Bigger than Yours

First aid kit dog shutterstock_106224011First aid kits. Ah, first aid kits. There should be odes sung to first aid kits, poems and haiku, and all things good should have a special place in their margin for first aid kits. I can’t be trusted around a first aid kit. Don’t leave one alone with me. I’ll take it apart, go through the lovely stuff, rearrange everything and will probably want to take it home with me.

Depending on the activity, your first aid kit will always be in a state of flux. For a multi-day expedition where the mode of Zombie sign shutterstock_116889769transportation is mainly your feet, you need more bandages and blister aids, other times you’ll want to bring the meds you can’t have easily where you’re going. For our safari, Jayne’s and my first kit will be an amalgamation of everything: part meds, part bandages, part zombie apocalypse survival kit.

In our kit (which neatly fits in a 1L ziplock bag):

– bandages, one of every size known to humankind

– gauze pads, big and small

adhesive wrap/tape

– alcohol wipes

– suture tape

– second skin (that awesome blister stuff)

-vaseline in a tiny, tiny jar

– neosporin

– disinfectant wipes

– meds like ibuprofen, gravol, malarone, antibiotics, alka seltzer, tums, etc

This is our kit for now, and it will probably change ten times in the next few days. Only 9 to go!

— Nat

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1 Response to Mine is Bigger than Yours

  1. Lise & John says:

    Only a few days left. Hope you never have to use that ziplock bag.
    Have a great trip.

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