Years of travelling have taught me one thing: be self-reliant when it comes to personal hygiene. Don’t always count on your accommodation to provide the basic toiletries. Even toilet paper and soap. That’s why I make poopy kits when I travel. I also make barfy kits for motion sickness (but that’s a whole other post).

Poopy kits consist of toilet paper. I use the one from Charmin that comes without the cardboard roll so it takes less space. Then I’ll have wipes and/or hand sanitizer. It all fits in a snack-sized plastic bag. Ziplock makes great ones with zippers for ease of use. Because when you have to go, you have to go. No time to fiddle with the plastic bag closure.

For our safari, we’ll each bring a poopy kit for emergency use when we’re in the truck (where we’ll be spending most of our days anyway). We’re only missing a trowel to make sure we don’t leave a paper mess behind. But we don’t really need it. A good back-kick with the heel of a boot and voilà, a hole!


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