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Mating Hippos and Killer Cheetah

Ok, so I filmed two hippo getting busy in a river. Animal porn, I know, but it was so…strange! We were also incredibly lucky and spotted a cheetah lounging on a small hill. Then she got up, chased and killed … Continue reading

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Wifi Woes

We have very limited access to wifi, and when it works, it’s sloooow. We’ll try to upload more pictures from today’s adventure (hippos mating, cheetah kill, baboons everywhere scratching their butt). Talk to you soon! — Nat

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We Can’t Have Nice Things

Apparently, you can’t take us anywhere, not even the middle of the bush because we break things. Nat ripped the cigarette lighter right out of the dash while tryingto charge her tehh,and Jayne broke the handle to the back. So … Continue reading

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First Day in Serengeti

Bug update from Jayne: good news, no spiders any scarier than at home. No scorpions. Doing well on the bug front. Even the tse tse flies are nice to me, they only bug Nat. Made our way from Karatu, around … Continue reading

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Masai Are So Cool (and kind of scary)

You know you’re in the depths of Africa when: – the camp forbids you from going out alone (because you need to call the reception first on a two-way radio…or flash the lights for a Masai to appear out of … Continue reading

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