Batteries not included

Having the fancy camera with the zoom lenses and a gazillion functions that I don’t know how to use, I am principal photog on the trip – soooo much pressure!!  Not wanting to fail in this responsibility, and unwilling to rely on rechargeable batteries, I went battery shopping.  What to do, what to do?  Knowing as much about the battery life of my camera as I do its other functions (I have yet to progress beyond being a point and click type of gal) how many batteries does one take on a 10 day trip to Tanzania? (You remember the small backpack I have committed to live within!!!)  My dad, who took 5000+ pictures on a recent trip to Europe, needed to recharge every night (he has an even fancier camera and knows what all the buttons on his do).  At $20 a pop for 4 lithium batteries, I think not.  Thanks to the help of the nice gentleman at Henry’s, I settled on 4 packages, which should get me 800 pics each.  After spending a small fortune on these little tubes of energy, I hope I will make it without running out of juice. Not only do we want to preserve the memories, but bragging will be so much easier with pictures…….

– Jayne


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