Two Small Steps for Tall Chicks…

Tanzania Embassy CanadaOne giant leap toward our African adventure!

Today, Jayne and I applied for our visas to enter Tanzania. The friendly folks at the embassy didn’t even laugh at me when I asked to take a picture of the plaque (not the building, ’cause I didn’t want the guards to do a flying slam-tackle on me). The coat of arms for Tanzania is beautiful; it comprises elephant tusks, a bush of clove and cotton, and a man and woman “guarding” the Kilimanjaro peak, with the motto Uhuru na Umoja (freedom and unity).

After much excitement and jumping around and squee-age (ok, the last two were all me), we went to our banks and transferred the rest of the money to our operator, Safari Infinity. Ouch-ouch-ouch.

After the bank, I went to the Bureau de Change to see if I could get some Euros for the layover…highway robbery! Thieves! Ruffians! Their rate was worse than a paper cut across the mouth…and do you know how much that hurts? I know. So I’ll wait and just use my debit card when we land in Amsterdam. My plan for Amsterdam is to eat cheese. That is all.

As I was making my way out of the mall, grumbling about Big Bank and The Man and his crappy rates, the intercom announces my name. I was to report back to the bank immediately. Yeah, immediately. Uh-oh. Turns out, they had forgotten to have me sign one of the (many) forms. Whew. I thought for a second they’re found out my real identity and I was going to be taken to jail and all. 😉

And why don’t I leave you with a nice Safari Infinity video. Look at all the pretty animals.



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