Money, Money!

Now that you have Billy Idol’s song in your head for the next week (you’re welcome), let’s talk money. Ooooh, look at all the pretty, pretty bank notes.

Tanzania bank notesTanzania currently has shillings, and the exchange rate with Canadian dollars is about 1 for 1600. Now that’s going to be so easy to calculate once we’re jet-lagged and on bumpy roads for 12 hours a day… That’s why Jayne is bringing her tiny calculator and amazing maths skills. Me, I’m not too quick with the maths. But she is! Therefore, she’ll be in charge of shopping. She won’t mind.

A topic that has kept me glued to the computer screen for endless hours (some would call it obsessive sifting of anecdotal stuff…I call it Research), is where to stash my cash while on the road. Not that I have trust issues with people (ok, I do, but that’s a whole other post), but with the lack of ATMs in rural Tanzania, we’ll need to bring lots o’money. So, where to hide it? I’ve come across some pretty imaginative places. Others just ridiculous (that guy who hid his money in his underwear, I’m looking at you). Money belt, bra pouch, sock pocket, empty deodorant container, under the soles of shoes. Oh, and in your hat. Because we all want to spend 10 hours in direct sunlight with a wad of money an inch thick sitting on top of your head. I won’t tell you where (refer to trust issues above), but I’ve found really good spots to hide my dough. Now, knowing me, I may forget some of them and will find “free” money for the next ten years strewn all over my travel gear. But hey, it beats the alternative…THE FANNY PACK!

— Nat

Man fanny pack shutterstock_3109252

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