Big 5

You may have heard reference to the Big 5 when reading about safaris.  Can you name them?  Go ahead, I’ll wait……………..Lets see how you did.

You might be tempted to list the 5 largest in terms of size.  In reality, it refers to the 5 most difficult African animals to hunt on foot, namely lion, leopard, African elephant, Cape buffalo, and rhinoceros .  So, it is degree of danger involved rather than their size.  I say go animals, but I digress.    

Big Five

Then there are the lesser known Little 5 – others with names that include the Big 5: antilion (larva that eventually grows into a dragonfly like insect), leopard tortoise (the largest in Africa), elephant shrew (ranging in size from mouse to large rabbit), red-billed buffalo weaver (a bird), and the rhinoceros beetle (up to 2 inches long -ewwww).  Since 2 of these are bugs, lets just say I won’t be on the lookout for these 5.

There endith today’s lesson.

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