Do they want us to change our mind?

With the amount of information easily available through the internet, it only makes sense to check out travel advisories.  Having read the stuff posted by Canada, USA and the UK, my question is – Are they trying to freak us out????  I suspect governments need to mention every little thing to cover their butts but come on.  I think we can all agree that Tanzania is not in the same league as some other very scary African countries (I was watching a TV show recently that was set in Darfur and I looked up how far away these crazies were from where we were going to be!).   However, if you were to go just by these advisories, you might seriously reconsider going anywhere near the place.  Heck, other countries have terrorism alerts for Canada…

While it always make sense to exercise caution whenever you travel, this information certainly hasn’t deterred us.  Good thing to since much $$$$$$ has already been spent. 52 days to go!!!!

– Jayne

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