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Batteries not included

Having the fancy camera with the zoom lenses and a gazillion functions that I don’t know how to use, I am principal photog on the trip – soooo much pressure!!  Not wanting to fail in this responsibility, and unwilling to … Continue reading

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28 Bottles of Beer on the Wall…

Only 28 days until we leave for Africa, motherland to humanity, and all-around awesome place filled with awesome animals producing awesome sounds and, no doubt, smells. Speaking of noises, here is a quick list of animals with the dictionary-approved noise … Continue reading

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Two Small Steps for Tall Chicks…

One giant leap toward our African adventure! Today, Jayne and I applied for our visas to enter Tanzania. The friendly folks at the embassy didn’t even laugh at me when I asked to take a picture of the plaque (not … Continue reading

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Money, Money!

Now that you have Billy Idol’s song in your head for the next week (you’re welcome), let’s talk money. Ooooh, look at all the pretty, pretty bank notes. Tanzania currently has shillings, and the exchange rate with Canadian dollars is … Continue reading

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Big 5

You may have heard reference to the Big 5 when reading about safaris.  Can you name them?  Go ahead, I’ll wait……………..Lets see how you did. You might be tempted to list the 5 largest in terms of size.  In reality, … Continue reading

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