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Preventive medicine

Vaccinations are an important consideration when planning a trip to Africa.  We visited a travel clinic yesterday and fewer needles than expected were required.  Nat needed only yellow fever and tetanus, and Jayne yellow fever and hepA.  Two needles each … Continue reading

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Look! Look! Look at the awful, awful wound I have on my arm. That’s what you get when poked by a needle the size of a McDonald’s straw. You can’t see anything, you say?! How can you not see the … Continue reading

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The backpacks

Our backpacks will be a Quechua Forclaz 40L for Jayne (red/gray), and a Vaude Wizard 30L (green/white) for Nat.

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Let the adventure begin

The shopping has begun.  Safari wear dictates no whites, no brights, and no black or blue (tsetse flies love it).  And with limited space, clothes need to be washable and quick dry.  So, an excuse to shop… There is also … Continue reading

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