Safari earned…..

Our guide Kelly told us that you don’t buy a safari, you earn it.  This is done by eating dust,  getting bitten by tse tse flies, spending hours in the sun and heat, getting a bush massage (code for driving on bumpy roads), and checking the tire pressure (code for having to pee behind the truck).  We have fully earned ours and it was totally worth it!

I would also like to thank Nat for not only agreeing to join me on this adventure, but being such an awesome travel companion.  I got to go on one of my dream trips, and have an excellent time doing it, thanks in large part to her being there with me.  I hope you enjoyed being there with us too.


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The photo album finally has been updated with some of the pictures from the safari.  While not all of the approximately 1,950 pictures that I took on this trip have been posted, I have selected about 150 of the best that show the variety of animals and some of the birds we had the pleasure of seeing.  Enjoy.

– Jayne

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A Momentous Last Day in Africa

Precision Air…not really. You would think 5 hours between flight would be plenty of wiggle room, turns out, if you fly with Precision Air, that means 10 minutes…the rest is delays and bullshit stories. We spent 5 hours in a wee, little hole of an airport, where they even closed the stores and cut the wifi while passengers were still waiting for their 20 minutes flight to the mainland. We were tired, hungry, and cranky. Once the plane finally arrived, it was the “just sit anywhere and shut up” and off we went. Jayne was not in the mood to deal with the “spread eagle” slouchy man hogging the leg room and armrest. So, she stretched those long legs and planted her foot on the floor until he straightened up and moved over to his own side. We were passed being nice. Especially after spending three days being harrassed by street bums in Stone Town.

Now all is good, we are in Amsterdam and waiting for our flight back home. The safari was awesome, and our guide amazing. Safari-Infinity and Kelly, respectively!

Back to reality soon.

Jayne & Nat

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Homeward Bound!


Here we are, sitting at the terminal in Zanzibar, waiting for the first leg of our trip back home. It’s Precision Air back to the mainland of Tanzania, then a KLM flight to our layover in Amsterdam. We’re glad we experienced Zanzibar, but can’t say we’re sad to leave… See you on the other side.

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Even in Zanzibar, Jayne can manage to find shoes. We bought three pairs of these lovely handmade sandals. Guess who bought two pairs and who bought one pair…?


Surti ans Sons

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